Water Damage Photo Gallery

Bridgewater Kitchen with Water Damage from Pipe Burst

A pipe burst behind a cabinet in this Bridgewater kitchen causing extensive water damage. SERVPRO technicians set up equipment quickly to begin drying with both air movers and dehumidification equipment as soon as they finished extracting as much water as possible to lessen the time needed for drying.

Hot Water Tank Failure - Bellingham, MA

One morning the homeowner had awaken to the loss of hot water. She thought that maybe she had blown a fuse to the water tank, when she went into the basement, she had stepped into about 4 inches of water. It wasn't a fuse at all, the hot water tanked had failed.

She had contacted Servpro of the Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 within an hour there was a crew at her home ready to clean it up.

boxes and furniture had been sitting and floating around in the basement. She wasn't even sure they would be able to clean it as they said they would. But within a couple days everything they said they would do had been completed. 

This homeowner was very pleased with all the work they had done. She was another satisfied customer.

A/C water loss - Carver, MA

This homeowner had come home to find water leaking from his bedroom ceiling. When he went to the attic he had found that the line to his A/C unit had burst. 

He contacted Servpro of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to come and mitigate the loss. When the technician had arrived they walked the homeowner through all the damaged the water had caused. 

As the work begun the technicians would inform the homeowner each step they were doing as the homeowner seemed to be nervous. The homeowner like most had never suffered a water loss and was grateful that the technicians were knowledgeable in all they were doing. When the work was completed the homeowner was extremely happy with the work. 

All the technicians at Servpro of the Bridgewaters are trained and certified to handle your water loss. Give them a call today at 508-697-5439

Washing Machine Connection failure - Walpole

Before leaving to do some errands, this homeowner had placed a load of clothes in the washer, to be waiting for her when she got back. Upon her arrival back home she was greeted by a steam of water exiting her home. Every single room was under water. She could see the water flowing out of the laundry area. 

She contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 in a panic. The technicians had shown up within the time frame as discussed with the homeowner when she had called in. She had some concerns of all the equipment being brought into her home, but when the technician explained what they were for and how they help, she calmed down.

Just as the technicians had promised her home was dried in a few day. The homeowner thought that they would not be able to fulfill the promises they made upon arrival and to her delight they had done just that. 

Pipe Burst - Randolph, MA

During the winter months, pipes are more susceptible to freezing then with any other time of the year. It's during these times that homeowners should be aware of any new stains appearing on the Ceiling or walls.

The homeowner at this location had not seen the yellowing stain as she had left for work. She hadn't heard the warning sound from the pipe about to burst. She had just left thinking that all would be well when she came back home.

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 was contacted by the homeowner after hours. She didn't know how long the water had been flowing in her home, but that there was a considerable amount of damage. She needed there help and she needed it fast. 

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 was contacted and jumped into action. After a few days, the house had been taking care of and the homeowner was very satisfied. 

Water loss - Taunton, MA

The homeowner had woken up to water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen and Dining room. They had no idea where it could be coming from, after all they all had just taken a shower and the floor was dry. 

The homeowner upon further inspection saw what appeared to be water running down the pipe in the back of the toilet. He contacted his plumber. When the plumber arrived it didn't take much for him to find out the problem, the toilet tank had cracked. The water needed to be shut off, while he repaired that, the Homeowner contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters.

The technicians were out in no time, and they went right work. The homeowner was impressed at how well they had open walls and ceiling to get it all dried out. 

If you are suffering from a water loss call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters today at 508-697-5439

Protect your house from Winter Damage

Check your gutters. make sure there is no debris from blocking the flow of water and ice.

Check the foundation, Make sure that the gutters are directing water away from your home.

Check your roof, siding and windows for small holes, or wear and tear.

Finally check your attic to make sure you have proper insulation.