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Kingston Fire Damage Started from a Lamp

Many times, fire loss situations begin from one small item malfunctioning, in this case it was a lamp. This room in a Kingston shows where the inspection for fire damage starts. Techs go through the charred mess around this desk and look for items that have restoration potential through cleaning.

Bridgewater Kitchen with Water Damage from Pipe Burst

A pipe burst behind a cabinet in this Bridgewater kitchen causing extensive water damage. SERVPRO technicians set up equipment quickly to begin drying with both air movers and dehumidification equipment as soon as they finished extracting as much water as possible to lessen the time needed for drying.

Mansfield Gas Station Security Comes First

After the damage to this Mansfield gas station caused the property to be declared unsafe, SERVPRO technicians covered the broken glass with a board to make the premises more secure. A new steel safety hasp lock further discourages intruders on the property. 

Fire Damage In Bridgewater

After a fire has damaged your Bridgewater home, call our experts right away. We have the training, fire damage experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Basement flooding - Bellingham, MA

This homeowners basement flooded out when a squall of torrential rain had come up the east cost. The homeowner had been keeping an eye on his basement as other neighbors around him had told him of their loss, one that he did not want to experience, but as he walked down to his basement he had found that his home was not spared.

He contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to help remediate this loss. The crew had arrived within an hour of his call and immediately went to work. When the job was completed the homeowner was extremely happy.

Should you suffer a flood in your basement call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to clean the mess for you.

Hot Water Tank Failure - Bellingham, MA

One morning the homeowner had awaken to the loss of hot water. She thought that maybe she had blown a fuse to the water tank, when she went into the basement, she had stepped into about 4 inches of water. It wasn't a fuse at all, the hot water tanked had failed.

She had contacted Servpro of the Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 within an hour there was a crew at her home ready to clean it up.

boxes and furniture had been sitting and floating around in the basement. She wasn't even sure they would be able to clean it as they said they would. But within a couple days everything they said they would do had been completed. 

This homeowner was very pleased with all the work they had done. She was another satisfied customer.

A/C water loss - Carver, MA

This homeowner had come home to find water leaking from his bedroom ceiling. When he went to the attic he had found that the line to his A/C unit had burst. 

He contacted Servpro of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to come and mitigate the loss. When the technician had arrived they walked the homeowner through all the damaged the water had caused. 

As the work begun the technicians would inform the homeowner each step they were doing as the homeowner seemed to be nervous. The homeowner like most had never suffered a water loss and was grateful that the technicians were knowledgeable in all they were doing. When the work was completed the homeowner was extremely happy with the work. 

All the technicians at Servpro of the Bridgewaters are trained and certified to handle your water loss. Give them a call today at 508-697-5439

Rain Damage Garage - Sharon, MA

A Nor'easter had been scheduled to hit the east coast by days end. The weather forecaster had warned folks of damaging wind and rain. 

For this homeowner when the storm was at it's peak, it had ripped shingles off the roof, causing rain to pour into the garage. The damage started at the ceiling and had worked it's way down through out the wall.

SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters was contacted at 508-697-5439 to come in and remediate the problem. Once there, the technicians went to work. When they were done they could see that they had left yet another satisfied homeowner.

If you have suffered a loss from a storm give SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters a call today to help with your remediation problem at 508-697-5439.,

Wind Storm Loss- Sudbury, MA

This homeowner like others in the area were preparing for a storm that was packing hurricane like winds. They had surveyed  their home for any loose items that could be a potential threat to the home.  

As the storm increased the homeowner felt confident he had done well in securing his property. This quickly taken away, while sitting in his living room, he heard a sudden breakage of glass. he ran upstairs to see that the wind and the rain had found it's way into his home. The window had broken and water was rushing off his ceiling. 

He contacted Servpro of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to come and mitigate the damages. The technicians were at the home at the time they said they would be there. They immediately went to work. When they were done the homeowner was glad that this was the only area affected and had thanked the crew for all their hard work.


Basement Mold - Canton, MA

Mold can grow anywhere it can find oxygen and moisture. Particularly it is happier in damp and humid areas so it would be no surprise to find mold in your basement.

One of the many culprits for mold is typically from condensation from one of your appliances or from a leaky foundation. 

If you basement is not free from moisture one of your first step would be to place a dehumidifier to draw out any excess moisture. This will help to keep your basement free of any moisture and dampness.

SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters was contacted at 508-697-5439 to remediate the growth of mold within this basement. The homeowner said to the Technicians that he had never seen so much mold before in his life. When the job was completed the homeowner could not believe how it appeared that the mold was gone. When the technician left he knew he had another satisfied customer.

For all your mold needs call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 today.

Kitchen mold-Plymouth, MA

This homeowner had decided to remodel the kitchen, but when the contractors started to take down the counter tops, they had discovered mold.

The unsuspecting homeowner had a water leak inside the wall causing a mold growth. When water enters building through leaks in walls, windows and roofs,  it is a perfect environment for the growth of mold.

 SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters was contacted at 508-697-5439 to access if this was indeed mold. The technician had determined by visually looking at the growth it was indeed mold. He had spoke with the homeowner that it would need to be removed.

SERVPRO Technicians are certified and trained on the safe removal of mold. The technicians could see the homeowner was nervous at the site of the mold, but when the job had been completed the homeowner said he felt so relieved to see that the mold was gone. Here was another satisfied customer.

Puff Back - Plymouth, MA

This homeowner had attempted to turn on their furnace but was having it problem getting it to start. At first they had contacted their old company thinking that the furnace was broken. When the technician from the oil company had taken a look at the furnace he explained that because the system had failed to start they had suffered a puff back. 

The customer contacted Servpro of The Bridgewaters explaining their situation. Servpro dispatched their technician, and was on site within an hour of the phone call. The customer thought that only one room was affected. 

 The trained technician showed the homeowner just what was affected. They explained to the homeowner what needed to be done in order for it to be clean. They quickly went to work.When the work was done The homeowner was yet another satisfied customer.

 If you think that you are suffering from a Puff Back contact Servpro of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439

Puff Back-Norfolk, MA

This homeowner had for months had noticed what appeared to him to be dirt. He thought at first that it was possible that because he had lived there so long it was time for a fresh coat of paint. When he went down to his basement he noticed that the same type of dirt was also throughout the basement. He contacted Servpro of the Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to rid his home of this dirt. 

When the Project manager arrived, he knew right away that this was not dirt, but an oily residue caused from a puff back. “A puff back” he explained to the homeowner “is caused when your oil burner mis-fires, sending an oily type soot throughout the home”. The homeowner was shocked hearing this news, but had Servpro of The Bridgewaters clean this up for him.

 Upon completion of the job, the homeowner could not believe how clean his house had looked. The technicians had left yet another satisfied customer.  

Duct Cleaning-Braintree, MA

The owner of this business knew that he needed the duct work cleaned. He had no idea just how much had been building up throughout the system until he had seen photos.

 He contacted Servpro of The Bridgewaters, asking if they would be able to come in and clean out the system, and what the procedure was. Would they be able to do this after hours? Would he need to send his employees home while this was being performed? Was there anything he needed to know.

The project manager who is trained and certified in this field was able to answer all his questions, including giving suggestions and ideas as to how to approach this. Because the customer felt comfortable with the response he hired Servpro of the Bridgewaters to clean the ducts. The customer was satisfied and felt the technicians were very knowledgeable. He said he would hire them again should he need them. 




Roof Leak Pre School-W. Bridgewater, MA

This contractor after viewing the weather for the next couple of days set off to replace the roof at this preschool, however when it comes to New England weather, it is as unpredictable as that of a three year old.

During the night a fierce storm had moved through the area, bringing torrential rains and winds. The tarp that had been covering the roof and been ripped away, leaving in its path a flooded school. The contractor called SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439.

The technicians had arrived as discussed, armed with Dehumidifiers, fans, and a portable extractor. They walked through with the contractor explaining all the work to be performed. The contractor explained that he was under a time constraint. The technicians assured him it would be done within the allotted time. As the crew was removing their equipment, the contractor was surprised they had finished as promised. The technicians knew they had yet another satisfied customer.  

Washing Machine Connection failure - Walpole

Before leaving to do some errands, this homeowner had placed a load of clothes in the washer, to be waiting for her when she got back. Upon her arrival back home she was greeted by a steam of water exiting her home. Every single room was under water. She could see the water flowing out of the laundry area. 

She contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 in a panic. The technicians had shown up within the time frame as discussed with the homeowner when she had called in. She had some concerns of all the equipment being brought into her home, but when the technician explained what they were for and how they help, she calmed down.

Just as the technicians had promised her home was dried in a few day. The homeowner thought that they would not be able to fulfill the promises they made upon arrival and to her delight they had done just that. 

Pipe Burst - Randolph, MA

During the winter months, pipes are more susceptible to freezing then with any other time of the year. It's during these times that homeowners should be aware of any new stains appearing on the Ceiling or walls.

The homeowner at this location had not seen the yellowing stain as she had left for work. She hadn't heard the warning sound from the pipe about to burst. She had just left thinking that all would be well when she came back home.

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 was contacted by the homeowner after hours. She didn't know how long the water had been flowing in her home, but that there was a considerable amount of damage. She needed there help and she needed it fast. 

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 was contacted and jumped into action. After a few days, the house had been taking care of and the homeowner was very satisfied. 

Water loss - Taunton, MA

The homeowner had woken up to water coming through the ceiling in the kitchen and Dining room. They had no idea where it could be coming from, after all they all had just taken a shower and the floor was dry. 

The homeowner upon further inspection saw what appeared to be water running down the pipe in the back of the toilet. He contacted his plumber. When the plumber arrived it didn't take much for him to find out the problem, the toilet tank had cracked. The water needed to be shut off, while he repaired that, the Homeowner contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters.

The technicians were out in no time, and they went right work. The homeowner was impressed at how well they had open walls and ceiling to get it all dried out. 

If you are suffering from a water loss call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters today at 508-697-5439

Lightening Strike - Raynham, MA

While the homeowner was watching their favorite program a severe storm warning had flashed upon the screen. They like most of would stand vigil, but to them it was just another warning.

They could hear the approaching storm in the distance and hoped that it would not linger as some storms do. Soon it was upon them. The thunder at times sounded like the rolling waves of the ocean. The rain beating fiercely upon the shutters. They turned the T.V up to drown out the noise. Suddenly a blinding light engulfed them, followed by a deafening boom. Confusion and panic rang within the home. lightening had struck. According to the fire department it was just a graze, however it left smoke within.

The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439. To the homeowners it had seemed like it took them no time at all to clean their home. The technicians had left another satisfied homeowner when they were done.

Flooding - East Bridgewater, MA

It had been raining since Thursday, and the weather was predicting flooding, but they indicated it was in the lower lying areas. The homeowner had felt there was nothing to worry about since they were on higher grounds. But to be safe the homeowner had checked the basement to make sure it was dry and to their relief it was.

The homeowner was on the phone phone with her husband when she heard what sounded like a rush of water, and shortly after that she her the carbon sensor going off. It sounded as if it was coming from the basement, but why after all she had just been down there. She opened the door and to her dismay there was water coming half way up her cellar stairs. 

The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439. She was panicked, she didn't know what to do. SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters was able to calm her down. The technicians were out in no time, and got the job done.

Ice Dam - North Easton, MA

It had been a cold and blustery week. There had been a lot of snow that week. The homeowners thought that it was never going to end, but it did, bringing with it warm air. The homeowner had gone to work as usual that sunny day, unsuspecting of the damage that was about to happen.

When the homeowner had arrived home, they had entered a waterfall. At first they had thought a pipe had burst, but where, could there be water pipes in the attic? They had called the plumber, and his suggestion was that they probably had what they called an Ice Dam.

The homeowners contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439. Upon their arrival they had confirmed the presence of an Ice dam. Once the dam was cleared the team went to work. Within a few weeks the area had been cleaned and dried. The homeowner was surprised at how fast they had worked and was grateful for all they had done. 

Wind Storm Loss - Waban, MA

The weather man had predicted a fierce storm coming through the area. He suggested homeowners hunker down and this homeowner had thought that he had done just that. 

The wind, screaming outside had sent shivers down the homeowner's spine, but felt sure they had taken the precautions as required. Suddenly they heard a thunderous crash. It had come from the Master Bathroom upstairs. They ran to see what was wrong, the wind was so strong it had shattered the window glass. Rain was whipping in and around. The only thing the homeowner could do was wait out the storm.

A call to SERVPRO of The Bridgwaters at 508-697-5439 was made the next day. Within the time the office had said they would be there, the crew had arrived. They immediately when to work. When the job was completed the homeowner was thrilled that it took them no time at all for the work to be done. SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters had done their job, another satisfied customer.


The homeowner had smelled an odor in the house, but could not determine where it was coming from. They were an elderly couple that had not gone down n there basement for a few years. There son had discovered mold growth throughout the basement. 

The homeowners upon hearing this news contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters. SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters was confident they would be able to get all of the mold. When the work was completed the son did the walk through with he was satisfied with all the work they had done. He said to the Technician that they had done such a great job, if the need arise they would call upon them again.

Mold - Sharon, ma

This mold loss was created by a leaky window in the garage. The homeowner was out in the garage when she had noticed what appeared to be mold growth. 

SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters had arrived and immediately put the homeowner at ease. The technicians explained everything that they would do to clean the mold out of her home. When the job was completed, the homeowner was relieved to see the mold had been taken care of. 

Mold - Plymouth, MA

This homeowner was using their attic as a place to store holiday decorations. Upon grabbing the box for Halloween thee appeared to be mold on the outside of the box. When the homeowner investigated further, they had discovered mold throughout the attic. 

The contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters to come and eradicate the mold. Our technicians who are knowledgeable and trained to cleanse the house of mold, immediately went to work. The homeowner was relieved seeing how well informed the technicians were, and able to complete that task without incident. 

Mold - Milton, MA

Let's face it; mold remediation can be compared to things like going to the dentist to get a cavity fixed, or having a root canal either way it's one of those things people do not look forward to.

The homeowner was having some work done around her sky scraper and had discovered mold growth. She contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters to come and remove the growth. When our trained technicians had completed the job, the homeowner said she felt confident that this job was done completely. She felt that our technicians  appeared to be knowledgeable at what needed to be completed.

Microwave Fire-Brockton, MA

These days a Microwave oven can be found in most homes. While they are generally safe to use, sometimes disaster can strike without warning.

  A family member was warming up a biscuit on a plate in this photo. The biscuit caught fire causing the glass to the oven to explode and catching fire. Spoke had permeated the home.

SERVPRO from the Bridgewaters was called to the rescue. The homeowner thought this it would take months to clean up and get the smell out of the home. To her amazement it had taken less then what she had expected. 

Grease Fire-Plymouth, MA

A fire needs 3 things to burn. Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel. A fire will keep growing until one of those is removed. 

This homeowner suffered from a grease fire. A grease fires happens when either a you have built up grease or a large amount of grease in your frying pan. If your pan gets to hot as in the case with this fire, the pan will ignite creating a 4 inch flame. As you can see from this photo, the fire had ignited and spread quickly.

 The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters to clean up the mess. When they had finished, she couldn't believe that difference.

Puff Back-Raynham, MA

Many people have never heard of a puff back or what it means. A puff back occurs usually occurs when an oil burner back fires, sending soot throughout your home. It can happen all at once or gradually. Sometimes the soot is so light and  it appears to be ordinary dust. 

This homeowners furnace had malfunctioned, sending oily soot throughout the home. He contacted and hired SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters. With there experienced technicians, they had cleaned it all and in a shorter time then the homeowner had anticipated. 

Dryer Fire-Marshfield, MA

Washer and dryers are a part of almost every home. They are vital to most families day to day living. Unfortunately this wonderful household appliance can cause injuries, property damage and even death when they catch fire.

The homeowner to this fire loss was fortunate enough to be at home preventing a total loss from happening. 

They contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters, and within an hour a crew was dispatched to their home. When the work was completed the homeowner could not believe how everything had looked and smelled so clean. 


Sewage Loss Brockton, MA

A distraught store owner contacted our office as they had a sewage backup. The store they claimed reeked from the smell of sewage. A crew was dispatched and hit the floor running. Upon arrival they had found the manager mopping up the waste, however the sewage odor still permeated the building. Our crew took over the reins and immediately began cleaning and deodorizing the area. While the crew was cleaning up their equipment that manager said "I can't believe how fast the smell went away, I never thought it would be gone this fast".  

Duct Cleaning Walpole, MA

We were hired by a day care to clean the duct's after a recent water damage. They were concerned about the air quality with the upcoming fall and winter season. The cleaning could only be performed on the weekend. It took awhile but the job was completed. We received a call from the school praising the technicians for all the hard work. 

Fire -North Dighton

This fire was caused from an improperly exposed cigarette in a bathroom at a Doctor's office. Luckily the fire was contained to the bathroom. While the bathroom did suffer smoke and soot damage the crew was able to get it back to it's original appearance in a few days. The Doctor was pleased with what he had seen. He said to our technicians he couldn't believe his fortune to having such a wonderful job performed. he would recommend us to others. 

Protect your house from Winter Damage

Check your gutters. make sure there is no debris from blocking the flow of water and ice.

Check the foundation, Make sure that the gutters are directing water away from your home.

Check your roof, siding and windows for small holes, or wear and tear.

Finally check your attic to make sure you have proper insulation. 


The team at SERVPRO is here for all your emergency Water, Fire and Mold restoration needs. The crew combines for over 25 years of emergency services in the community. We are here to make it "Like it never even happened." 

2016 MAIA The Big Event

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) held their annual Big Event on October 28th & 29th at the Marriott Copley Hotel in Boston.  It was a great success in our eyes, thanks all of our Agents friends for stopping by our booth. 

MAIW 2016-2016 Installation of new officers

The flower ceremony.

Our very own Diana Banville was installed as 2016-2017 Vice President of the Norfolk chapter of the Massachusett Association of Insurance Woman (MAIW).

HOME DEPOT fire safety awareness event

More cuties that stopped by for some Fire Safety coloring books.

The fire awareness event featured by Home Depot, all courtesy of friends of the Bridgewater community.   The no-cost event allowed families to learn about how these fire prevention and awareness.

Hurricane Preparedness Workshop 2013

Joining our local Red Cross for a Hurricane Preparedness Workshop @ Home Depot!