Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Basement flooding - Bellingham, MA

This homeowners basement flooded out when a squall of torrential rain had come up the east cost. The homeowner had been keeping an eye on his basement as other neighbors around him had told him of their loss, one that he did not want to experience, but as he walked down to his basement he had found that his home was not spared.

He contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to help remediate this loss. The crew had arrived within an hour of his call and immediately went to work. When the job was completed the homeowner was extremely happy.

Should you suffer a flood in your basement call SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to clean the mess for you.

Rain Damage Garage - Sharon, MA

A Nor'easter had been scheduled to hit the east coast by days end. The weather forecaster had warned folks of damaging wind and rain. 

For this homeowner when the storm was at it's peak, it had ripped shingles off the roof, causing rain to pour into the garage. The damage started at the ceiling and had worked it's way down through out the wall.

SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters was contacted at 508-697-5439 to come in and remediate the problem. Once there, the technicians went to work. When they were done they could see that they had left yet another satisfied homeowner.

If you have suffered a loss from a storm give SERVPRO of the Bridgewaters a call today to help with your remediation problem at 508-697-5439.,

Wind Storm Loss- Sudbury, MA

This homeowner like others in the area were preparing for a storm that was packing hurricane like winds. They had surveyed  their home for any loose items that could be a potential threat to the home.  

As the storm increased the homeowner felt confident he had done well in securing his property. This quickly taken away, while sitting in his living room, he heard a sudden breakage of glass. he ran upstairs to see that the wind and the rain had found it's way into his home. The window had broken and water was rushing off his ceiling. 

He contacted Servpro of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439 to come and mitigate the damages. The technicians were at the home at the time they said they would be there. They immediately went to work. When they were done the homeowner was glad that this was the only area affected and had thanked the crew for all their hard work.


Lightening Strike - Raynham, MA

While the homeowner was watching their favorite program a severe storm warning had flashed upon the screen. They like most of would stand vigil, but to them it was just another warning.

They could hear the approaching storm in the distance and hoped that it would not linger as some storms do. Soon it was upon them. The thunder at times sounded like the rolling waves of the ocean. The rain beating fiercely upon the shutters. They turned the T.V up to drown out the noise. Suddenly a blinding light engulfed them, followed by a deafening boom. Confusion and panic rang within the home. lightening had struck. According to the fire department it was just a graze, however it left smoke within.

The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439. To the homeowners it had seemed like it took them no time at all to clean their home. The technicians had left another satisfied homeowner when they were done.

Flooding - East Bridgewater, MA

It had been raining since Thursday, and the weather was predicting flooding, but they indicated it was in the lower lying areas. The homeowner had felt there was nothing to worry about since they were on higher grounds. But to be safe the homeowner had checked the basement to make sure it was dry and to their relief it was.

The homeowner was on the phone phone with her husband when she heard what sounded like a rush of water, and shortly after that she her the carbon sensor going off. It sounded as if it was coming from the basement, but why after all she had just been down there. She opened the door and to her dismay there was water coming half way up her cellar stairs. 

The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439. She was panicked, she didn't know what to do. SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters was able to calm her down. The technicians were out in no time, and got the job done.

Ice Dam - North Easton, MA

It had been a cold and blustery week. There had been a lot of snow that week. The homeowners thought that it was never going to end, but it did, bringing with it warm air. The homeowner had gone to work as usual that sunny day, unsuspecting of the damage that was about to happen.

When the homeowner had arrived home, they had entered a waterfall. At first they had thought a pipe had burst, but where, could there be water pipes in the attic? They had called the plumber, and his suggestion was that they probably had what they called an Ice Dam.

The homeowners contacted SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters at 508-697-5439. Upon their arrival they had confirmed the presence of an Ice dam. Once the dam was cleared the team went to work. Within a few weeks the area had been cleaned and dried. The homeowner was surprised at how fast they had worked and was grateful for all they had done. 

Wind Storm Loss - Waban, MA

The weather man had predicted a fierce storm coming through the area. He suggested homeowners hunker down and this homeowner had thought that he had done just that. 

The wind, screaming outside had sent shivers down the homeowner's spine, but felt sure they had taken the precautions as required. Suddenly they heard a thunderous crash. It had come from the Master Bathroom upstairs. They ran to see what was wrong, the wind was so strong it had shattered the window glass. Rain was whipping in and around. The only thing the homeowner could do was wait out the storm.

A call to SERVPRO of The Bridgwaters at 508-697-5439 was made the next day. Within the time the office had said they would be there, the crew had arrived. They immediately when to work. When the job was completed the homeowner was thrilled that it took them no time at all for the work to be done. SERVPRO of The Bridgewaters had done their job, another satisfied customer.